Sun Therapy Cooling Spray

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For those lucky enough to be enjoying travel again, don't forget to pack my pure Aromatherapy hydration spray for those sun filled days.

With benefits for both body and mind, super hydrating peppermint instantly offers refreshing relief from uncomfortable heat whilst the exotic scents of May Chang and Orange Blossom promote mental calm and physical relaxation.

A powerful, natural body coolant, Peppermint also works to soothe sun burn, irritated skin and keeps insects at bay. Its antiseptic action kills bacteria on the skin and the menthol action works to clear sinuses and improve hay fever symptoms whilst the therapeutics offer an energy boost. 

May Chang, a naturally powerful deodorant, reduces excessive perspiration and cleanses the atmosphere with its powerful antiseptic and antiviral properties. Also a tonic for the nervous system, its stimulating effects  help to promote mental calm, reduce fatigue and boost concentration. 

Orange Blossom, super rich in Vitamin C, B Vitamins & Antioxidants, keeps you glowing and brightens the complexion. Therapeutically balancing, it helps to combat stress, relax the mind and lifts the spirits.