Sleep Therapy Aromatic Bath Salts

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My sleepy salts use the finest Himalayan Pink Salts, known for being among the purest in the world. These super detoxing & hydrating salts contain no less than 84 minerals that are readily absorbed by the skin. Once reserved only for royalty, they've been protected from modern day pollution for thousands of years by lava, snow & ice.

A beautifully scented blend of essential aromatherapy oils designed to promote relaxation works therapeutically on the mind, helping you to feel sleep ready. Switch off, relax and enjoy the feelings of calm and tranquillity the oils evoke as part of a healthy bedtime routine.

Safe for children and sensitive skin types.

Your salts come in a 500 ml zero waste glass bottle that can be returned and reused on your next delivery ensuring your products are both kind to yourself and the planet. All ingredients & packaging are locally sourced.